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About us

Aquathin® Corporation was founded in March of 1980 upon a single, simple concept - Produce the most effective water purification system available (EPA EST. NO. 52531-FL-01).

Since its inception, Aquathin® has acquired a patent for its unique treatment system which utilizes REVERSE OSMOSIS PLUS DEIONIZATION. Over the course of 30+ years operating in the water purification industry, Aquathin® has earned seven patents for its water purification systems. At Aquathin®, we give great importance to the feedback given to us from our customers and distributors.

With their input and industry leading research, Aquathin® has developed the finest water filtration, conditioning and treatment systems available for residential, commercial and laboratory applications.

All Aquathin® systems are designed to operate at the highest efficiency available. In addition, the advanced design of all Aquathin® systems makes maintenance quite minimal, allowing us to give you the finest warranty in the industry . . . and we live up to it. Each and every Aquathin® Water Treatment Professional has been educated and trained at our very Aquathin® University to ensure they are fully qualified to work on any of the 70+ systems Aquathin® manufactures. We'll even send you an annual service reminder direct from the factory free of charge, to have your system inspected and serviced if necessary.

Furthermore, when you purchase a water purification system from Aquathin® you become a member of the ever-growing Aquathin® Family of satisfied customers.

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